"If you want to sell your home, hire a professional. That’s why I hired Lindsay Bibb. When my mother recently passed away, I was responsible as the trustee of the estate to sell my parents home in Irvine Terrace. With the endless list of details needed to be dealt with in settling the estate; memorial service, sibling beneficiaries, disbursing all of the personal effects, and selling the home I grew up in over 50 years ago, I looked to a true professional that could take the selling burden off my hands. That’s why I hired Lindsay. Lindsay not only sold the house in five days at my exact asking price but throughout the three week escrow handled every detail and the eleventh hour escrow issues flawlessly. In addition, Lindsay was a comfort to my soul and a source of peace for me while I dealt with selling my family’s home and closing this important chapter of my life. I highly recommend Lindsay Bibb for your real estate transactions, she’s a professional and truly learned the art of selling and buying homes from the best."