Abdo and Michele Khoury, Buyers in Big Canyon

“Lindsay and Natalie did such an outstanding job of selling our Big Canyon home six years ago that when we contemplated returning, we contacted them. Due to the low inventory in Big Canyon, they helped us search multiple communities, but our hearts led us back to Big Canyon. Lindsay and Natalie became aware of an opportunity before it went on the MLS and alerted us. The next day we viewed the home and made an offer that evening. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise helped guide us through the entire process." [MORE]

Charles and Mary Kay Ruck, Sellers

“We could not have been happier with our experience selling our home with the Bibb | Raney team. Their knowledge of the Big Canyon market was the key to success in pricing and marketing our property. Their service level is above and beyond - taking care of all the details of staging and sprucing up the home for the process. We were in constant communications about showings and market developments. Their efforts generated multiple compelling offers and they dropped everything and made us feel like their only client at key stages of the process. They were honest and straightforward in all of their dealings with both sides – leading to a win-win and simple and efficient closing." [MORE]

Doug and Sandy Keedy, Buyers & Sellers

“Buying and selling a home in a competitive real estate market often presents unknown and unexpected challenges. Finding the team who possesses the experience, knowledge of the market and a respected reputation is paramount. Having the best possible representation requires having a team who is acutely sensitive to having your best interests at heart, who can navigate through complexities of a transaction, who is attentive, responsive, nimble and who can manage all aspects of the deal on your behalf. The Bibb | Raney team not only embodies these qualities but their integrity, professionalism and ethics are unparalleled and they exceeded every expectation we had." [MORE]

Nancy Atlee, Seller in Big Canyon

“Lindsay, Natalie, and Brad are the A-Team! I knew from their reputation that I wanted them to represent me, but they more than exceeded expectations. I was out of town and relied completely on their advice about listing and staging. Their personal attention gave me complete confidence that my Big Canyon home was in good hands. And it sold in days!!" [MORE]

Steve and Kim Bruno, Sellers in Big Canyon

“WOW, we were totally stunned at how quickly you sold our Big Canyon home! We knew how good you are as we had worked with you previously. However, you exceeded our expectations, as you seamlessly arranged staging, photography and copious advertising with little input from us." [MORE]

Dave and Pat Middlemas, Buyers & Sellers in Big Canyon

"Lindsay and Natalie are THE dream team! They are exceptionally knowledgeable about the real estate market, the business transactions involved and are very willing to help in any way, always with a smile." [MORE]

Burt McGillivray, Seller in Big Canyon

"I had listed a high-end house in Big Canyon that remained unsold after being listed for two years with another broker. I switched to Lindsay Bibb & Natalie Raney in the Summer of 2019 to try another approach." [MORE]

Kristy and Marshall Mancillas, Sellers in Big Canyon

"Lindsay Bibb was an outstanding sales agent who guided us in all aspects of selling our home. She was professional, caring and proficient during all stages of our transaction." [MORE]

Jim and Lynne Sutter, Seller in Big Canyon

"You two are the best... competent and caring!" [MORE]

Dennis and Sarah Drislane, Seller in Big Canyon

"If you have a special interest in Big Canyon (it is a special neighborhood!) than this team of agents are the best — they know the history of all homes here." [MORE]

Diane Osborn and Rick Godber, Seller in Big Canyon

"We sat down with Lindsay Bibb and Natalie Raney and found them to be extremely professional and very strategic in their approach to the market." [MORE]

Lisa Bhathal Vogel, Seller in Big Canyon

"I found that no one knew how to speak to the benefits of living in Big Canyon like Lindsay and Natalie. They were creative in how they relaunched my property to the market, and leveraged their extensive personal network to find the ideal buyer within a short few months." [MORE]

Rita and Gary Wilder, Seller in Big Canyon

"Natalie Raney and Lindsay Bibb are the best of the best ! They know their market better than anyone else, are highly competent, attentive to detail and work very hard to bring buyers and sellers together." [MORE]

Mike and Blair Treska, Buyer in Big Canyon & Seller in Turtle Ridge

"They provided the best real estate services in bringing together a deal for the purchase of our new home and selling our previous home in just two days, representing both sides of each transaction." [MORE]

Abdo and Michele Khoury, Seller in Big Canyon

"We consider them to be a dynamic duo: they make a superb team, and their individual skills are complimentary. We highly recommend them and would use their services again in a heartbeat." [MORE]

Jenny Walker and Cliff Jones, Seller in Big Canyon

"The way I would describe Natalie and Lindsay, is that they are people of integrity, professional, genuine, and they had our best interest at heart." [MORE]

Dana Taschner, Seller in Big Canyon

"THE BEST...An extraordinary combination of professional experience, business acumen, and industry relationships, Lindsay and Natalie get the job done. Highest recommendation." [MORE]

Timothy J. Crosson, Seller in Big Canyon

"You provided our listing with great exposure and significant traffic and when we finalized the deal, you handled the prickly negotiations with calm, resolute professionalism." [MORE]

Margaret and Irwin Much, Seller in Big Canyon

"We interviewed four real estate firms, Villa was in the top two, and ultimately won." [MORE]

Damian and Amanda Burke, Seller in Big Canyon

"Natalie and Lindsay’s expert guidance and diligent work made the transaction work seamlessly." [MORE]

Wendy Marciante, Seller in Big Canyon

"I plan to purchase another home in the area and I wouldn't think of using another broker. Natalie and Lindsay are simply the best." [MORE]

Steve Cruse, Seller in Big Canyon

"Natalie and Lindsay were always extremely professional. They always were on time and delivered what they said." [MORE]

Sharri Myers, Seller in Big Canyon

"Natalie and Lindsay were true professionals starting with their thorough market analysis." [MORE]

Bob and Cristy Clemo, Buyer in Big Canyon & Seller in Newport Beach

"I would give Lindsay our highest recommendation and encourage anyone and everyone to hire her for their respective real estate requirements." [MORE]

Isabelle Alessandra, Buyer & Seller in Big Canyon

"Natalie is a dream to work with in navigating the fast-paced Newport Beach real estate market." [MORE]

Don and Pam Gilmour, Buyer in Big Canyon

"Lindsay Bibb epitomizes perfection in the real estate market."[MORE]

Emilie Tirre, Buyer in Emerald Bay

"It was clear that she was always my advocate and consistently had my best interests at heart. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone I know that is looking to buy or sell their home." [MORE]

Jerry and Lucyann Carlton, Buyer & Seller in Corona del Mar

"Lindsay was an amazing agent. She had perfect working knowledge of the housing inventory and was delightful to work with. But she was so much more. Her level of her expertise, professionalism, intelligence and care was tops." [MORE]

Buyer in Emerald Bay

"It was so nice working with Natalie. She helped me find the perfect home and I couldn’t be happier." [MORE]

Peter Nelson, Seller in Irvine Terrace

"I highly recommend Lindsay Bibb for your real estate transactions, she’s a professional and truly learned the art of selling and buying homes from the best." [MORE]

Buyer in Crystal Cove

"I would use Natalie again and again and be confident in recommending her to anyone..." [MORE]

Crane and Susan Patten, Seller in Newport Beach

"We always felt like we were Lindsay's top priority. We are happy to recommend Lindsay for any and all real estate needs!" [MORE]

Garry and Susan Brooks, Seller in Big Canyon

"Lindsay Bibb was our first and only choice to provide the professional services and in-depth real estate knowledge to sell our home in Big Canyon." [MORE]

Philip Dodge, Seller in Newport Heights

"Natalie’s professionalism, understanding of the market, negotiating skills, and positive “get the job done” attitude were sincerely appreciated and respected." [MORE]

Greg and Ellen Solaas, Buyer in Big Canyon

"We just closed escrow on a house in Big Canyon and cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Lindsay Bibb." [MORE]

Andrea Greenleaf, Seller in Big Canyon

"I would not only give Lindsay the highest recommendation, but would also not hesitate to use her for any future listing we may have." [MORE]

John T. Dover Shores in Newport Beach

"Hard working, professional and gets the job done." [MORE]

Ken and Robin Colbaugh, Buyer & Seller in Big Canyon

"Lindsay possesses excellent negotiation skills and has well-refined instincts when it comes to working through issues leading to successfully closing transactions." [MORE]

Rod MacDonald, Buyer in The Bluffs & Seller in Big Canyon

"Polite; Professional; Proficient; Profitable. A joy to do business with!!" [MORE]

Steve and Elizabeth Rabosky, Buyer in One Ford Road

"The key to real estate isn't location, location, location. It's Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay." [MORE]

Jillian Bedrosian, Buyer in Corona del Mar

"It has been a pleasure working with Natalie Raney and i look forward to working with her again." [MORE]

Stephanie Grody, Buyer in Cameo Shores & Seller in Big Canyon

"Lindsay listens to what you say and knows how to ask the right questions to help you accurately define your real estate goals. She is 100% committed to achieving those goals for you." [MORE]

Isabelle Alessandra & Drew Hadra, Buyer in Big Canyon & Seller in Newport Coast

"Natalie has been able to help expertly guide us through five real estate transactions this year and we are absolutely delighted with the results she has produced." [MORE]

Steve and Jane Tucci, Buyer and Seller in Big Canyon

"We don't plan to move again but if we did, Lindsay would be our first call!" [MORE]

Heather and Michele Floriani, Buyer & Seller in the Ports Streets

"Natalie has successfully guided us through several real estate transactions, and always with complete professionalism." [MORE]

Dennis and Janet Shannon, Buyer in Big Canyon & Seller in Laguna Beach

"She is extremely professional and will do her very best to consummate a deal with the highest integrity, as has been the history of the Bibb family for over 30 years." [MORE]

Seller's Representative, Seller in Newport Beach

"In short, we would not only work with Natalie again, but would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an exceptional real estate pro who possesses the highest moral and ethical standards." [MORE]

Bob and Sheri Best, Buyer in Big Canyon

"Extremely knowledgeable, widely respected & VERY nice people." [MORE]

George and Katie Tuerk, Buyer in Big Canyon

"Her negotiating skills and attention to detail are impeccable. Simply put… She truly is the best!" [MORE]

Alicia and Vance Mape, Buyer in Big Canyon

"Lindsay was extremely professional and very attentive to the details and documentation..." [MORE]

Paul and Nancy Best, Lessor in Newport Beach

"It is no wonder that you are well regarded and successful in your chosen career." [MORE]

Connor Best, Buyer in Newport Heights & Seller on Balboa Peninsula

"She understands people and how to get them what they really want..." [MORE]

Dr. Paul and Barbara Johnson, Buyer in Newport Beach & Seller in Big Canyon

"Thank you for all your expertise and all you have done..." [MORE]

Ryan Best, Buyer in Eastside Costa Mesa

"Use Lindsay Bibb as your agent and you WILL find your dream house!" [MORE]

Clay Widder, Buyer in Newport Beach

"If you are interested in buying a first home, or next home, I recommend looking no further than Lindsay Bibb. She is the best!" [MORE]

Peter and Danielle Engler, Buyer in Newport Beach

"We highly recommend Lindsay to anyone buying or selling a home, and we look forward to working with her in the future for all of our real estate needs!" [MORE]

Kelly Shannon, Buyer in Costa Mesa

"Lindsay works so hard for her clients and it truly shows. She is an absolutely fantastic realtor and I will definitely be working with her again in the future." [MORE]

Big Canyon Buyer

"If you want a team that puts their clients interest first, even if at their own expense, communicate well, and won’t waste your time with uninformed hyperbole as well as inappropriate upsells – Lindsay & Natalie are most certainly your choice." [MORE]

Katharine Tehranian, Seller in Newport Coast

"I can simply state that Natalie is superb in performing her professional duties, is as efficient as possible, is helpful beyond the call of duty and is kind, personable and easy to work with." [MORE]

Seller in Big Canyon Villas

"Lindsay did a wonderful job working through the many details and was there for us at all times." [MORE]

Susan and Melvyn, Lessor in Big Canyon

"Now that we have had an opportunity to work with them, we cannot recommend them enough." [MORE]

Joey and Torey Franco, Buyer in Newport Beach

"Natalie Raney is an extremely knowledgeable realtor whose expertise in Newport’s diverse neighborhoods is amazing." [MORE]

Julie O’Grady, Seller in Big Canyon

"Lindsay Bibb and Natalie Raney epitomize the meaning of the “dynamic duo”. They truly are the REAL DEAL!" [MORE]