"My husband and I had decided to sell our home of 35 years, the multi-level, multiple-roomed home that accommodated our family of four growing children so well. Having all children launched with homes and families of their own, we decided to purchase a new single level home with fewer rooms. Living in Newport Beach for 37 years, we knew that Bibb was the name for top real estate expertise. We had been friends with Danny over the years, and turned now to his daughter, Lindsay. We needed a broker to both sell our home and assist us in purchasing a new one. By reputation, we knew that Lindsay was the expert in Big Canyon. But we were not prepared for her high level of knowledge of all the relevant Newport Beach neighborhoods. Lindsay was an amazing agent. She had perfect working knowledge of the housing inventory and was delightful to work with. But she was so much more. Her level of her expertise, professionalism, intelligence and care was tops. My husband and I ended most evenings through this process exclaiming, "Wow, LIndsay is really on it.". She paid such close attention to detail, guided us through the buying process, and was instrumental in us closing on time. In selling our home, she has marketed our home very effectively and has worked diligently to show our home and keep it in front of potential buyers. For an intelligent, organized, top-of-the-filed broker, we recommend Lindsay."