"My husband and I were considering buying a lot and building a new house and were curious as to our home’s marketability. We met with Lindsay and Natalie, and they offered excellent counsel. Concerned about the time imposition of showing our home and not wanting to have an open house on the week-ends, we agreed to a pocket listing for two prospects. They arranged to have the showings back-to-back on the same day, and the second party decided to buy. It worked out well, as the new owners could not live here for two years. It became an ideal situation: while building, we stay and lease. Sounds easy; but there were several external hindrances, and the transaction took a few months which had highs and lows, feeling like a roller-coaster ride. Fortunately, with Lindsay's and Natalie’s guidance, we accomplished our goals. Throughout the negotiations, escrow, and inspections, they were knowledgeable, responsive, articulate, caring, compassionate, and top-notch professionals. We consider them to be a dynamic duo: they make a superb team, and their individual skills are complimentary. We highly recommend them and would use their services again in a heartbeat."